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Jesus wants us to know that greed is ultimately foolishness. We are challenged to value less our "standard of living" and more our "standard of giving. Let me tell you a story. There was a guy who started a business in his mid-twenties, and he thought it had potential to make a good living—and for the first few years it did. At least he thought.

Generou Grenada guy seeks giving girl

Then one day, he got a huge break. One day, on the phone was the leading retail distributor for his line of business, and they wanted to a huge contract that would make this man a multi-millionaire many times over, in a matter of months. He goes home and tells his wife. They are so excited! Within a week they call their realtor and buy a huge lot in the nicest subdivision in town, so they can build a house that will be 3. Not only that, they look at their new income and they start to strategize that, if after they buy their new house and their new cars, boat, and vacation property, if they save the rest, they could actually retire by the age of So that is what they did.

They started to save, save, save, and by the age of 40, he sold his business. Now they winter at the Cayman Islands, where he plays golf 4 or 5 days a week and takes out his yacht on the other days. During the summer, they come back to the states and live in luxury, play golf, go to New York to see the Broadway shows, and catch a few Yankee games. Then they go to Europe for about a month, where they visit their favorite places. Does that sound nice or what? As you watch the ministry of Jesus, you see Him talk about money again and again. This is because there is a fundamental link between our walks with God and how we think about and handle money.

Luke 12 is one of the most countercultural texts in the whole Bible. It flies in the face of our cultural goals, and what our culture esteems. This passage deals with one of the most respected sins in our society. Not only is it respectable, it is one that at some point or another we all struggle with. Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions. Instead of granting his request, Jesus gets out His scalpel and cuts right to the heart. Jesus sensed the danger of greed in the situation.

Jesus tells them, and in doing so He tells us, to be very careful, to be very aggressive against greed in our lives, especially in the culture we live in. Greed says that your life consists of the abundance of your possessions. If you believe the lie of greed, you will define success by how many possessions you have. If you believe the lie of greed, you will make decisions based on what will give you the most money, not on what would be best for your walk with God; you will be willing to risk relationships for money—like what is happening in this passage. If you believe the lie of greed, you will think that a new house, car, electronic device will make you happy and satisfy you.

Jesus says the basis of greed is a lie. To illustrate the lie of greed, Jesus shares a story. I have no place to store my crops. He was blessed. Now he has to figure out what he is going to do with it. Let me remind you of some physics: the greater the mass, the greater the force the object exerts. What often happens to people is they become more enslaved to money because they are worried about losing it and their identity gets tied up in it—money starts to define them. I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and there I will store my surplus grain.

Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry. He gets an idea to build bigger barns. He is totally absorbed with himself. We are not owners, we are stewards! We are entrusted with what we have and we are able to the Owner concerning what we do with it. We are His, which means our money is His also. With the Rich Man, we see no of stewardship and no of responsibility to anyone but himself. This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself? The man in this parable died a poor, rich man.

Jesus says all of this to illustrate the folly of thinking that your life consists of your possessions. God called this type of person a fool because of his fundamental misunderstanding of reality, his lack of wisdom—not understanding the big picture, which has God at the center of it. This passage is about how one views their own life, and what it looks life to live a life with God in the center of it. God is generous, and if we are going to be transformed into the image of Jesus, we are going to be generous people.

Generou Grenada guy seeks giving girl

He wants you to be generous. For thousands of years, as people have become followers of God, they have become generous people. We see in the New Testament that when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the church, they started to share their possessions with anyone who had need Generosity is what life with God looks like. Let me tell you about a couple that we have had in our small group. The wife was finishing her residency, getting ready to take her first position as a full physician, and they were excited! The reason for their excitement was not because the paycheck would increase their standard of living, but because it would increase their standard of giving.

How beautiful! So how do we aggressively structure our lives toward generosity and against greed? One of the major ways we do it is through tithing.

Generou Grenada guy seeks giving girl

Tithing trains our hearts to be generous. I believe that tithing is one of the most important spiritual disciplines we can participate in. It is the training wheels of a generous life. It is just the beginning—a floor, if you will, not a ceiling. We are in the richest country in the world, and the best percentage we can muster in any Christian demographic is 1 out of 4.

That is tragic. Let me tell you something that I have noticed. Those who were generous in college have been generous after graduation. How many missionaries could the church send? How many poor could the church feed? How could God be glorified in the world? If you have never tithed, I want to encourage you to start tithing.

If you work, tithe off your salary. Though you may not have a large income stream now, tithe as an act of obedience to God and as a discipline to train your heart toward generosity. May our purse or wallet be converted. May we not be fools! May we truly believe that we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give, and may we truly believe that our life does not consist of the abundance of our possessions. May we be rich Although this organization has members who are University of Virginia students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University.

It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The Respectable Sin Luke 12 is one of the most countercultural texts in the whole Bible. Living Generously For thousands of years, as people have become followers of God, they have become generous people.

Relevant Scriptures Genesis Psalm Matthew 2 Corinthians Questions for Discussion What is the difference between being an owner and a steward? Which does your lifestyle reflect? The world revolves around you! What are ways you can aggressively structure your life toward generosity and against greed?

Chi Alpha Resource Library. Centering Prayer. Download Centering Prayer Resource Our Need for Silence and Solitude We live in a hyper-connected world where technology constantly clamors for our attention. Silence and solitude are scarce as we are surrounded by noise and input from our culture.

However, our souls do not flourish in such an environment — Scripture and the experience of many reveal to us that silence and solitude are necessary in order for our souls to thrive. Even though Jesus lived in a low-tech culture, we see him intentionally and regularly seclude himself in order to be alone with God. Jesus spent 40 days in solitude in the wilderness Matthew He woke up early in the morning to be alone in prayer, and spent the night praying on a mountainside before choosing His disciples MarkLuke Jesus spent time alone in times of pain as well — when he heard about the beheading of John the Baptist, and on the eve of His crucifixion MatthewMark However, the ancient discipline of prayer contains another aspect: silence.

Generou Grenada guy seeks giving girl

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