Housewives seeking nsa Jacksonville Florida 32258

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This listing of providers contains many great resources that can help a lot of people both infected and affected by HIV. Many of these services are not specific to persons with HIV and being infected with the HIV virus may or may not be a requirement for accessing these services. The ones listed below have been singled out either because they offer a unique and especially valuable service, or because many people who could benefit from them do not know about them, or both.

Housewives seeking nsa Jacksonville Florida 32258

Of course, as with all listings in this site, services and programs change, and only the agencies themselves can tell you whether or not you qualify. Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Education and Vocational Training. Emergency Financial Assistance. Food Bank and Home Delivered Meals. Housing Assistance. Job Assistance. Medical Care.

Housewives seeking nsa Jacksonville Florida 32258

Medications - Pharmacy. Mental Health Counseling. Veteran's Services. Victim's Services. Vision Care. Some agencies in the Jacksonville area may be able to give you clothing, furniture and other household items at no charge. Travelers Aid Society of Jacksonville East Church Street Jacksonville, Florida Telephone: Services: Provides emergency assistance for travel, help with shelter, food, local transportation, clothing, etc.

They also provide services for persons who are newly relocated to Jacksonville, or who find themselves stranded due to lack of funds. Services: The overall goal of this Division is to improve the quality of life of all people with disabilities by addressing, researching, and attempting to resolve the many barriers that people with disabilities encounter. These barriers include, but are not limited to, transportation, accessibility discrimination, employment, housing, etc.

Other objectives shall be: to increase community awareness about the accomplishments and needs of people with disabilities; monitor all Federal and State legislation that relates to disability rights issues, and to advise the Mayor and his staff about necessary City compliance; to suggest and implement ordinances that favorably impact one's equal access and opportunity while changing any City policies that may adversely impact the same; to create an information hub by identifying, and coordinating the various private nonprofit and governmental social service agencies that help people with disabilities; and to provide emergency crisis intervention by helping people with disabilities who have 'fallen through the cracks' find the appropriate contacts for services.

Services: Planned Lifetime Assistance Network - PLAN enables individuals to arrange care for the future financial and social needs of aging or disabled loved ones. Counseling - Quality mental health care covering a wide range of needs is provided by qualified professionals at reasonable rates. Food Pantry - Non-perishable food is available for short-term assistance to those in need.

Emergency Financial Assistance - This short-term assistance is available to individuals who need help with shelter and utilities. Life Skills Training - To help people lead productive, self-sufficient lives, the agency offers a life skills training course. Standing Tall empowers individuals by teaching skills ranging from developing a budget to finding a job.

No charge for Services. Social Security Administration Web Site: www. Services: Provides monthly payment to workers who become severely disabled before they reach age SSI - Disabled - Provides a floor of income for disabled people who have little or no income. Chandler, District Director. Services: General Program - this service is available to assist individuals with disabilities in preparing for and obtaining employment. Provides for evaluation, consulting and guidance, physical and psychological restoration, training and job seeking skills, equipment needed for a job, job placement and follow-up to assure satisfactory placement, and post employment services.

Locations: rd Street Jacksonville, Fl. Temporary Loan Closet T. Luckily, there is help for anyone who wants to become or stay alcohol or drug free. Many times the help is free. Call today for more information.

Gateway Community Services Stockton St. Jacksonville, Florida Telephone: Web Site: www. Services: For alcohol and drug abuse clients. Goodwill Industries of North Florida, Inc. Services: General Employability instruction encompasses the basics of job performance: punctuality, reliability, dress, substance abuse, social interaction, work habits, etc. Basic Skills Training, offered in conjunction with Florida Community College at Jacksonville, FCCJassists clients in completing Adult Basic Education ABE and General Education Development GED requirements Vocational Rehabilitation job training, helps people with disabilities learn and qualify to hold jobs requiring office and technical skills Time-limited Job Coaching provides one-on-one assistance for individuals who require training and natural support development on the job.

Job Search Training teaches clients how to fill out an application, prepare a ', research job openings, and react in an interview. Office Systems Technology Training, offered in conjunction with FCCJ, provides training in typing, office machines, general office procedures, and selected computer software application training. Placement assistance is available to those who complete training. Keyboarding and Data Entry Training, offered in conjunction with FCCJ, is deed to teach the range of skills necessary to function as Data Entry Operators in the modern office environment.

By appointment only. No walk-ins. Services: Neighbor to Neighbor - Provides assistance for the following: payment for past utility electric and fuel bills, reinstallation fees, initial deposit, plus amount for initial service. Call ahead for an appointment. Comprehensive Emergency Assistance - Provides rent, utilities, deposits,food and basic necessities on a limited and short-term basis to individuals and families residing in Baker, Duval, Clay, and Nassau counties who are experiencing a crisis and pending formulation of long-term solutions.

Call in advance for an appointment. Augustine, Florida Telephone: Fax: Downtown Ecumenical Services Council, Inc. Services: Provides financial aid and offers a food pantry for those who qualify. Eligibility: Financial help for households with children, elderly or a documented disability or illness which prohibits work.

Food pantry available. Family Services - St. John's Old Moultrie Road St. Augustine, Florida Telephone Services: Offers direct services to individuals and families, including non-resident families on a referral basis. Services include food, rent and utility assistance, counseling, referral and case management. Eligibility: Adults with verifiable emergency situation. Services: Provides energy, crisis, weather related disaster and fuel assistance. Eligibility: Meet income guidelines and have proper documentation of need energy bill. Services: Provides energy assistance, family development, youth programs, USDA commodities, Parents-Who-Care Program Eligibility: Meet income guidelines and have proper documentation of need energy bill.

Services: Provides home energy, crisis, weather related disaster and fuel assistance. Augustine, Florida Telephone Fax: Site Listings: Robert F. Johns counties with specific assistance involving their day-to-day existence. There is no charge for these services.

Self sufficiency Services - employment; job training; case management; education; tutorial; literacy; vocation training; mentorship. Home Energy Assistance Services Services for a benefit payment on behalf of households who have heating or cooling obligations and meet eligibility guidelines.

An emergency or crisis is not an eligibility requirement for this category of assistance. It does not pay for the actual home energy bills incurred by eligible households. It does allow for a one time home energy benefit per program year to eligible households. The amount of the benefit is based on a home energy assistance benefit matrix provided by the state office. Crisis Assistance Services - services allow for a benefit payment on behalf of households that have an unavoidable heating October - March or cooling April - September emergency and also meet eligibility guidelines. The amount of the benefit payment is the minimum amount necessary to resolve the crisis.

A household may be determined eligible during only one winter and one summer crisis per year. Weatherization Assistance Services - weather related or supply shortage services allow for a benefit payment on behalf of households that have an energy emergency which was caused by a specific weather related of supply shortage emergency as declared by the governor. It is activated only after the governor declares a crisis. Johns County Old Moultrie Road. Augustine, Florida Telephone: Johns Welfare Federation B. Marine Street St. United Community Outreach Ministry St.

Augustine Road Jacksonville, Florida Telephone Food and Meals Affording enough food can be difficult for persons with HIV, many of whom are living on low, fixed incomes. Eating a variety of healthful foods is especially important. Food pantries, soup kitchens and home meal delivery pro-grams are available in the Jacksonville area.

Services: Food Pantry - Non-perishable food is available for short-term assistance to those in need. Jacksonville, Florida Telephone ext.

Housewives seeking nsa Jacksonville Florida 32258

Our fiscal coordinators are then responsible for making payments for such things as shelter, electricity, phone service and providing a weekly food budget. Once these needs are met, the remaining funds are held in an individual client to be distributed for necessary purchases as requested by the client. Food Bank - Crisis Relief - Provides a 3-day nourishing food package to needy, hungry persons in emergency situations on a short-term basis. Service limited to once in a day period. Dependent on situation and crisis. Recovered Foods Warehouse - Deed to serve the ill, infants, and the needy through nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that share in donated products.

For nonprofit organizations. Products cannot be used for social or religious events.

Housewives seeking nsa Jacksonville Florida 32258

Mental Health Services - Our staff manages the care of chronically mentally ill adults, providing professional therapeutic programs, and support groups for clients and their families. Psychosocial rehabilitation programs are facilitated by trained staff. Work experience is offered for a limited of adults each year. JailLink: Linking inmates needing care in order to prevent recidivism of incarceration.

Housewives seeking nsa Jacksonville Florida 32258

Jacksonville, Florida Telephone: Christian Recovery Mission W. State St. Downtown Each person can stay up to seven days a month. City Rescue Mission W. Downtown Check-in time p. Must leave by a. Hubbard Houseor Shelter for battered women and their children. Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless E. Adams St. Downtown Dormitories for women and families and men in shelter program, as well as a capacity sleeping area for men, who must register before 9 p. The Inn Ministry P.

BoxJacksonville, FL. The Salvation Army W. Downtown Shelter for men, women and families Single men, Monday-Friday, 4 p. Single women, Monday-Friday, 3 p. They can stay up to five days a month Families can apply for housing anytime, as needed, and can stay according to needs.

Housewives seeking nsa Jacksonville Florida 32258

All adults must actively seek employment.

Housewives seeking nsa Jacksonville Florida 32258

email: [email protected] - phone:(651) 671-2672 x 6747

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