Looking for a future beach sex with

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Turns out doing the saucy sand dance takes a little more planning than one would think, and not simply because of getting bits of beachy grit in places where they really should never reach, although that is an important factor. I mean… honestly, people.

It is a condom for the ground. My next point actually contradicts the above statement, but hear me out: cover up. Light is a major player here. So just try to spontaneously plan around the context of a beach, or just pay your visits in night time conditions, alright? Beach plus wind equals a momentous recipe for disaster. I can firmly tell you right now that those grains of sand, or in other words, shards of what will feel like glass, shall be shooting into more places than just your eyes.

Looking for a future beach sex with

My advisory caution is against playing with wind. Absolutely not, mate. There is no need, I repeat, no need at all, to experiment with a ruffle in the shallow waters. That approaching tide is not just water, it is sand, muck, seaweed, shells, stones, flailing jellyfish, probably bits of plastic and dead things. That approaching tide will wash all of that right up your backside in one swell swoop and take your natural lubricant with it. You are most thoroughly welcome. No one knows how the next will be different to the last, but it inevitably will.

Looking for a future beach sex with

Or maybe we will—why not invite the one you missed having around last time for this lockdown, and pack a real blindfold too? Have you ever played a sex game? First things first, have you got a safe word? How about ordering a sex toy or whip it out if you already have onehand it over and let them play with it, and you. Then swap—everybody wins. Rules: pick out a fantasy slip at random, whenever you feel like it, and make it happen! Get into character with whatever you have around the house as props, and let your imaginations run wild.

How long can it take either of you to make the other climax? Set some rules as well as a timer for this one, they can be whatever you want, but for example: you both can only use your mouth. Now sometimes the idea of a timer can induce a certain pressure, which could freak one of you out, so make sure you do everything you can to release the pressure with a joke or too, or some vino. Do whatever you want babes, timer starts at the touch. This is a really fun one, and one where the blindfold can make its guest appearance, alongside a few other things.

Then, collect a few things from around your house. Have you got any feathers? Lotions or oils? Melted chocolate? Anything textured or liquid really, that you can run along their skin for them to guess what it is.

This is a points game, see who can guess the most. What is a sex game article without the classic of all classics, strip poker? This time though, mix it up. Raise the stakes, invite another couple virtually to in the fun. Get thinking! Last but not by any means least, this is where you can get really creative. The challenge is the prize!

Good luck.

Looking for a future beach sex with

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Looking for a future beach sex with

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