Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more

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Added: Simmie Castellano - Date: The alumni banquet, at which graduates : of will be honored guests, will be held Monday night In the Huddle. SwUlbesunsbythe I7ra for the Os. May Cary : Grant came over to my house the omer oay. And it started p. Bert Slgler of the fire department will speak further on flre-flghtlng and Incendiary bombs. Carl swanson, assistant fire chief, will demonstrate rope tying.

Films entitled "Identification of Aircraft and Motor Vehicles" will be shown. Forest Wlteraft. Wednesday Air raid warden class No. City Treasurer E. Relley will talk on mao- maklng; George Hult. Arthur R. Rock on rases. Examination No. First aid class from 7 to 10 d. I Thursday First aid class at 7 p. Side fire station. First aid classes at 7 p.

Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more

Petitions 'for reelection are being circulated for three members of the Watertown board of education. The three Sever Arne-son, C. Lockhart and S. Crothers will seek reelection June Crothers, Is seeking a one-year term. The other two are running for two year terms. Prfc JAT B. And whv wouldn't an intelligent actor like Orant. His wife is a niece of Mrs. Joe Da vies, at whose house they visited. L1V '- '! Sitting around a lunch table without any thought of politics and just talking about each other's difficulties cleared up a lot of ill feeling and let a good, strong ray of sunshine Into a subject that In some people's minds In Washington Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more like a closed book film Industry problems.

One Woman's Opinion Cary doesn't agree with me, but I believe the actors made the mistake of their lives when they asked for no draft deferment. Months ago, when 33 Industries in this country were declared essential and the motion picture Industry wasn't included in that category, our producers should have come tc the fore and said: "Okay, If we're not essential well close down the studios. Wc'H stop making pictures and go to war-all of us. So we've just gotten Into one muddle after another.

And there are many people In Washing-tion and throughout the country who would like to see Hollywood close Its doors. Let me tell you something. Actors ere the first people called upon to tells them "to stay where they are "We don't want the stara In the army. We need them for entertainment and morale. He said: What I did for the boys didn't compare with what they did for me. I felt at last that I was a completely useful human being. And to them it was like getting a letter from home. Just the thought that an actor would come around and talk over their problems and let them ask questions about his pleased them.

And It was an experience I'll never forget. At first I wa scared to death, sure I can act when son. They asked me about my wife; I asked them about theirs. I found myself talking man to man with the greatest fighters I've ever seen. I answered questions about their favorites.

Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more

I never made a speech without having somebody ask what kind of a person Mae West really was down underneath all her mon-keyshines. Two of their favorite actors are Humphrey Bogart and John Garfield. But they all say; 'Please ask him not to be a soldier. We need to see him on the screen.

Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more

Just listening to that crooner reminds us of home and our loved ones. And then when we can meet a star face to-face gosh I we have something to talk about for weeks on end, some thing to write home about. We know we're not forgotten. It isn't the work that's hard it's the dead ly monotony. The night before we went over the top Elsie entertained our men in the trenches. And as I got my orders to charge I thought of Elsie and what she'd done for us the night before.

Charles H. Unr nf n. With this week's closings, teachers In the Sioux Falls area face the most prosperous salary prospects In IS years; school executives, on the other hand, face the gloomiest one In that span from a personnel standpoint, v That was the pessimistic forecast expressed by County Superintendent of Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more Edcar llervlg as he saw salaries rnnutne from I10O-S12S be- 'lug offered and yet saw only "a half New York, will slug selections by Btradella, Caldara, Torelll, Brahe, Olorclanl and Malotte.

William Stoney, a graduate of the Birmingham Conservatory of Music. All proceeds from a silver collection to be taken will be used for Improving the servicemen's center of the church. Reluetanre Seen Superintendent Hervig explained this reluctance to immediately to a "feeling of indecision as to what the teachers really want to do.

Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more

Many of them who hold flrst-gTade certificate are holding off hoping to get into city systems. A few of them have spoke of ing some of the women's auxiliaries of the armed forces, but most of them have 'cooled off" ' considerably.

Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more

Of serious concern Is the possibility that Minnehaha county school boards may have to adopt the practice ai rier th. Ministerial nrlBMr,n. Vacation Bible School Planned With vacations restricted for most families and the dangers of delinquency Increased, the churches of Sioux Falls are planning another series of vacation Bible schools. Un- wlth Rev.

School will be held Monday to Friday, a. The grades will be from Kindergarten to eighth. A principal will be in charge of each school with a staff of six or more teachers, A uniform curriculum is being set up by a committee composed of ministers and laymen. Besides the Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more school a of separate denominational schools will be held throughout the city at approximately the same time.

Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more

It Is expected that 1. Redewtll, city health director, said the clinic will continue to be- held every Saturday from 9 to 10 a. Engineers In antiquity were artisans engaged solely in constructing engines of war. New Tendency Under this procedure, high school graduates wishing to become teachers may take a six-week training course at any qualified school.

Then, upon passing a teachers' examination, they will be granted second-grade certificates. When those certificates are granted by the state department course, are free to hire these teachers In their communities, with the further provision that they must be 18 years old. The average "school marm" this last, year has earned between D Harry De Hope, high school principal the past year, has been elected superintendent for the coming year.

He succeeds Byron H. Foss, who will move with his family to the west coast. De Hope has managed the band and coached basketball In addition to his other duties. The situation can be relieved somewhat by the further return of married women to the field. During the last term. War has brought a shifting of popula-' tlon which may cut the student rolls to a minimum In the state.

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Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more

Shades, rkwrly woaaai arwt ha ml painted wild puro linaead oil rolnra. If you are 11 years of age or over If yea llvo ebUlde the elty of Sloax Falls If yon maintain good passing grade at school Application for Route.

Not for Sioux Falls. Town Nam State. Admission 30c given to English. Sound film In Technicolor, "Wings for shown In connection.

Mbf seeking Watertown South Dakota nothing more

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