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New York Times bestselling author Jessica Lahey is a mother, a teacher in a drug and alcohol centre for adolescents, and a recovering alcoholic with a strong family history of addiction. Jessica wanted to develop a better understanding of why she had become an alcoholic and yet her sister could drink without having a… Audio. The London-based filmmaker was… Audio. In her former life, Martinborough-based author Rosy Fenwicke was a doctor who wrote books on the side.

She's been a fulltime writer for a year now and won't be… Audio. Too much time on your hands may be almost as bad as too little, psychologists are discovering. Dunedinite Professor Peter Croot has seen a fair bit of both land and sea during his time as an internationally-respected chemical oceanographer, having lived and worked in the USA, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and England before arriving in Galway in Along with traversing lots of different terra firma, Professor Croot has continued to explore the world's oceans since his early days as a PhD student at the University of Otago, where he remembers battling seasickness aboard the university's research vessel as it charged through morning swells at Taiaroa Head.

He's been doing research in the Greenland and Norwegian seas and the Indian Ocean of late, and his work has taken him to the oxygen minimum zones of the Pacific and Atlantic and the Antarctic. It's drilled into many of us that to shift kilograms, you need to start pounding the pavement. However, a new study out of Australia reports you can lose a percentage of body fat through strength training alone that is similar to weight loss through cardio or aerobics. She's with us to explain the research and how strength conditioning can be used for weight loss.

Now or chat adult match morn

Photo: rf. Tomorrow's the big day for Auckland, with the Government set to make an announcement on the region's alert level after six weeks of Level 4 and 3 lockdown for the City of Sails. The rest of the country is at Level 2. Epidemiologist Michael Baker says it'll be hard to shift Auckland down alert levels with the situation still not under control in New Zealand's biggest city. Professor Michael Baker Photo: Supplied.

When Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Evan Osnos was living away from the United States for a decade, he often found himself making a case for his home country, despite the grave mistakes it had made throughout history. But when he returned to the US, he found a divided nation that was driven by rage and fear. Travelling to three places in which he has lived: Greenwich, Connecticut; Chicago; Clarksburg, West Virginia, Osnos follows the lives of ordinary individuals as they navigate the varied landscapes of twenty-first-century America.

Osnos s the show to discuss Wildland and the tinderbox that has been American politics over the last two decades. Photo: Pete Marovich Images. The Covid lockdowns have seen a global shift in how we work, with millions adjusting to working from home.

Now or chat adult match morn

But what does that mean for our working habits? An international study from Microsoft suggests people are working longer, but not necessarily harder, while local research by AUT Professor of Human Resource Management, Jarrod Haar, suggests most people's workload has stayed about the same.

However, some are working more than the expected eight hours, and others are milking the opportunity to partake in a spot of good old-fashioned loafing. Professor Haar s the show to discuss his findings and what Covid has done to the workday. How often have you picked up a bottle of milk and realised -- after a quick sniff test -- it's funkier than it should be? We've all been there. But you might want to think twice before discarding milk, or other products, just because the suggested best before date has elapsed.

Indeed, there are plenty of different ways you can turn your expired milk into liquid gold. Cook book author and former Food in a Minute host Allyson Gofton looks at different ways to salvage foods that are nearing an end, and offers up a recipe for Irish soda bread using that spoiled milk you were going to throw out. Allyson Gofton Photo: supplied. Don't be surprised if you witness -- or are victim to -- a magpie dive bombing someone in the coming weeks. Thanks, Australia. It's nesting season and the time-honoured tradition of magpies swooping down on unsuspecting human targets, particularly those riding bikes, has us ducking for cover once again.

But what can be done to lessen the chances of being set upon by these intelligent black and white pests? Professor Yolanda van Heezik, a zoologist from the University of Otago, is with us to look at what makes magpies see humans as potential predators, and why there is no sure-fire way of ensuring you don't become the victim of a magpie swoop attack. Photo: Wikicommons.

Now or chat adult match morn

There's a reading revolution happening in Aotearoa; a community initiative where people are coming together albeit by Zoom right now to read literature aloud and chat about whatever a story or poem evokes. The project springs from an initiative in the UK called The Reader, which cites the benefits of shared reading for people including those with depression, dementia, addictions and pain. Middleton started the Reading Revolution after travelling to the UK to find out how it all works. There are now 18 groups across Auckland and more scattered around the country in places like Picton, Nelson and Hokitika.

Homeless people, women in jail, teens, people with anxiety, migrants sharpening up their English, and people in palliative care have all taken part. Photo: Supplied. This is the first time a book by an Aotearoa-based author has won the award. View latest newsletter. A thought-provoking range of news, interviews, documentaries and music over five entertaining hours each Sunday Morning.

Now or chat adult match morn

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Now or chat adult match morn

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