Regular guy for nsa

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We realize that national and international political events play a crucial role in our education and dialogue here at Georgetown. We also realize how terrifying it can be when someone talks about a current political issue and you have no idea what that person is saying.

PoliSci for the Average Guy is a recurring post that keeps you easily and entertainingly informed of the political issues that have most recently been making headlines. Are my secrets safe with you?

Regular guy for nsa

Snowden, while employed as an NSA contractor, disclosed 20, documents of classified government information, including details of U. In short, Snowden revealed our collective diary and exposed every nook and cranny of American intelligence capabilities. Consequently, Snowden has divided the general public over the matter of surveillance, and people have started to ask the question: Is it justified in the name of national security or does it violate our Fourth Amendment right to privacy?

However, the U. So, while Snowden sips on his White Russian as an international outlaw, the United States and Britain have gone into a damage control frenzy. Moreover, the NSA is responsible for the protection of all U. And just to clarify, by diaries, I mean vast packets of metadata and cell phone records.

How : Snowden claims he was given access to the information as both an NSA contractor and as a system administrator; however, no one is sure how he was able to gain access and no one publicly admits to granting Snowden access. In response, the government immediately stopped the bleeding and underwent and continues to do a thorough damage assessment … which has proven to be meticulous, long and ultimately impossible because the government has no real inkling of what Snowden did and how he did it. Therefore, the next step is to create new preventative measures.

When : The initial leak took place this past summer; however, the governments involved are still dealing with the repercussions. So, now what?

Regular guy for nsa

The government is still in the process of running internal evaluations of possible damages to national security. Likewise, the leaks have drawn international discontent toward the United States, namely from Europe and Asia. For instance, the European Union has implemented data protection laws and narrowed mass surveillance so that the United State has access to a more limited scope of data. So, in the meantime, take a breather and wait until our next installment of PoliSci for the Average Guy.

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Regular guy for nsa Regular guy for nsa

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