Sex on the Switzerland

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Sex on the Switzerland

Kim Yo Jong. GENEVA: Nearly two-thirds of Swiss voters backed the government's plan to introduce same-sex marriage in a referendum held Sunday, with campaigners calling it a historic day for gay rights in Switzerland. With in from 20 of the wealthy Alpine nation's 23 cantons, 64 percent of voters backed the move, on a 52 percent turnout.

Switzerland was one of the last countries in western Europe where same-sex marriage remained illegal. The government's "marriage for all" proposals were challenged by opponents, who successfully triggered a referendum. She was at a restaurant in the Swiss capital Bern hosting the "yes" campaign's celebrations -- decked out in balloons in the rainbow colours -- where drag artist Mona Gamie sang Edith Piaf's " Hymn to Love" to rapturous applause. It is really the reflection of a very broad and very important acceptance of LGBT people in society.

Same-sex couples can already register a civil partnership, with around established each year. However, this status does not provide the same rights as marriage, including for obtaining citizenship and the t adoption of children. After years of debate and discussion, the Swiss parliament approved a bill last December allowing same-sex couples to marry in the country of 8.

Sex on the Switzerland

But it was challenged under Switzerland's direct democracy system, with opponents gathering the 50, atures needed to put the issue to a referendum. Deborah Heanni, a member of the Libero collective which campaigned for "yes", told AFP: "After eight years of campaigning, we are happy finally to be able to celebrate this victory.

Foreign spouses will become eligible to apply for citizenship through a simplified procedure, and same-sex couples will be permitted to tly adopt. And, in what proved the most controversial aspect of the referendum campaign, lesbian couples will have access to sperm donations. Opponents plastered Swiss cities with stark posters decrying the commodification of children and warning the law will "kill the father". One poster showed a crying baby with its ear tagged like cattle, and the question: "Babies on demand?

A second vote was held alongside the referendum, on an initiative brought forward by the youth wing of the Socialist Party, titled "Reduce taxes on wages, tax capital equitably".

Sex on the Switzerland

Proponents of the so-called "99 percent" initiative wanted greater taxation on high levels of capital income, with the revenues generated used to reduce income taxes for the less well off. so far showed that 65 percent voted against the measure. Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Start a Conversation. Follow us on. Living and entertainment iDiva MensXP. All rights reserved.

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Sex on the Switzerland

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Swiss vote overwhelmingly for same-sex marriage in referendum