Sexy single women of East Frisia

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In. Swedish Playgirls Hide Spoilers.

Sexy single women of East Frisia

SMK-4 16 August Because his Munich night-club is doing extremely badly, Alois Moosholzer is send by his creditor, Ossi Jansen Hackethalto Ostfriesland East Frisia to recruit new talent for his striptease show. This is the very thin basis of a very thin plot that mostly serves as a platform for numerous Ostfriesen-jokes, including the inevitable "how many Ostfriesen does it take to screw in a light bulb?

This probably sounds like a thoroughly bad idea for a movie, even more so for a softporn flick. However, the Ostfriesen-jokes - as ancient as they are - gain ificantly from being enacted rather than told, and the general atmosphere of all-embracing ridicule thankfully undermines the intrinsic sexism of the genre.

Not a good movie but watchable as a curiosity.

Sexy single women of East Frisia

Was this review helpful? Not really a "report" film and not really recommended lazarillo 29 June This movie, directed by the incomparable Walter Boos just try and compare him to someoneis called "Der Ostefriesen-Report" because it is about two nightclub managers and their wives trying to recruit strippers for their Munich strip club in the East Friesen Ostefresisen region of Germany. But of course this means absolutely nothing to people like me who have spent little or no time in Germany. Naturally, the comedy here is pretty provincial, but that also makes it kind of exotic, and I generally prefer sex comedies that are 1.

My main gripe with this movie though is that it is not really a "report" film. The German "sex-report" movies are usually a kind of portmanteau series of sexy stories that often tend to swing wildly in tone between very silly, overly melodramatic, or even downright disturbing.

This movie, however, is a single narrative that is never anything but very silly, which unfortunately renders it pretty boring after awhile.

Sexy single women of East Frisia

There is certainly no shortage of softcore sex in this movie, but the women are not up to the usual standard in terms of attractiveness. Then there's Boo's "Magdalena-Possessed by Satan" where the main female character is, uh, possessed by Satan. This movie, however, is not very entertaining, not particularly sexy, nor does it even have the dubious trash appeal of a cheap European "Exorcist" rip-off like "Magdalena". A likable movie. The Ostfrisian scenery is nice, you would like to go there and see for yourself. In the genre it's quite a nice one, I think. The jokes about the Ostfrisians are that bad that you can only see it as a joke in itself.

People who make such jokes look into a mirror when they see this movie.

Sexy single women of East Frisia

The scenes with the wedding meal, the firemen etc. The genre taken into : worth watching.

Sexy single women of East Frisia

Josef Moosholzer is quite funny. You can see him in several movies of this kind, also in: Hurrah, die Schwedinnen sind da! There is also a second movie about the Ostfrisians: Die Rache der Ostfriesen.

Sexy single women of East Frisia

A little better still! The movie has been shot in the actual surroundings of Aurich and Norden in East Frisia, and in the village of Nessmersiel I think. Being in the mood to watch an easy going,light Comedy,I was happy to recently discover that I had a good sounding title German Sex Comedy in my DVD "must see" pile,that led to me checking into the wrong bedroom. The plot: Relising that he is not making a single penny on a strip club that is losing him a huge amount of cash,owner Ossi Jansen decides to pay a visit to the place,so that he can let all the staff know that the place is being shut down tonight.

Arriving to the strip club,the Ossi begins to talk to a stripper called Lisa about how much he miss's seeing the women from his homeland. Just before Jansen announces that all of the staff have been fired,Lisa stops Ossi in his tracks by saying that he should give the club one more chance to be a hit,due to Lisa having just gotten an idea,that she and some other fellow workers could visit the owner's home city and find some girls that can freshen up the club.

Excited over the idea of seeing girls from his own city,in his own strip club,Jansen gives Lisa and her fellow workers just over a week to find 6 girls in the city who would be perfect for the strip club,or else Ossi will close the club down forever. Giving the movie a sly subtext on it being about how people from the city view those that live in the country,the screenplay by Fred Denger uses a "road movie" outline to keep the film fresh by having the character's travel to another bit of the city just before things get too slow.

Along with the road movie outline,Denger also gives the movie some extra bounce by including a of off-beat,very funny scenes and dialogue into the film,with one of the funniest moments in the movie being when a dad sits down on a bed to chat to his daughter as she is openly caught up in some romantic action,which le to this being a wrong bedroom that I'm happy to have walked into.

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Sexy single women of East Frisia

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